How did come about?

Hey to all outdoor lovers!

Our names are Max and Dustin and we are two true outdoor fans. Our enthusiasm for the possibilities that nature offers has presented us with a number of challenges. We love gaining new experiences and learning new things. Survival is our passion. Our friends in the Bundeswehr support us in this passion and we asked ourselves how we could manage to introduce people who are not familiar with this topic to the outdoor world.

This is how the idea of ​​the emergency backpack came about. Everything you need to be prepared for an emergency is in this backpack. Over time we started to expand the range more and more, so that our online shop also has power stations, tents and much more to offer. None of this would have been possible without our customers, we are infinitely grateful to them. Since we are still young ourselves and the emergency backpack project is just getting started, we can sometimes make mistakes and there can be complications with the orders. We are constantly working on improving our concept and ask for your understanding.

We want our heart project to grow and for that we need the support of our customers. So that more and more people have the opportunity to be prepared in case of an emergency and to know that they can survive in this world, which constantly presents new challenges.

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