safety instructions

We know how beautiful it can be in remote places and how much our products especially lighting a fire can add to the situation. Nevertheless, we ask you to be extremely careful when handling fire, for your own protection but also that of the surrounding animals and nature. A forest fire can cause extreme damage.

We trust you ❤️

More information on wildfires:

Small cause - fatal effect
The causes range from carelessly thrown away cigarette butts to self-ignition, parking vehicles with hot catalytic converters to flammable undergrounds to negligence dealing with open fire and arson. The latter is the most common known cause of forest fires! The fire brigade appeals for fire safety behavior in nature. High temperatures and persistent drought lead to an increased risk of forest fires. Therefore, walk carefully through the woods and fields and avoid thoughtless carelessness.

Golden rules against fires in nature

To avoid forest fires, the Böblingen fire brigade gives you the following rules:

• Observe the absolute ban on open fire in forests; this also applies to cozy barbecue parties - ask for designated barbecue areas. Barbecues or fireplaces must be properly supervised and, if necessary, extinguished, especially if flying sparks pose a risk.
• Observe the smoking ban in the woods.
• Throw Do not leave lit cigarettes out of the window when traveling by train or car.
• Bottles or broken glass must not be left in the forest. The burning glass effect can cause a fire.
•Only use designated parking areas when going out into nature. A motor vehicle's catalytic converter heats up considerably and can start a fire on unpaved surfaces.
• Keep driveways to forests clear - they are important escape routes. Be sure to observe parking and stopping restrictions.
• In some areas access to forest areas is prohibited - please follow this reasoned prohibition.

Important at the end: The emergency call

If a fire is discovered, call the fire brigade immediately on emergency number 112 - because every minute counts. State the exact location of the fire or await the fire brigade at a clearly descriptive location nearby so that they can be briefed from there. Day trippers are urgently asked not to park on forest paths and driveways, so as not to obstruct the fire brigade when approaching.