about us

We are Max and Dustin,

For several years we have been enthusiastic outdoor/survival lovers from Germany. We regularly go out into nature to put our survival skills to the test, test new products and learn new things.

With increasing crises, we too have prepared ourselves more and more. Other natural disasters such as the floods and recently even the Ukraine conflict showed us how essential and vital for survival good preparations are.

So we asked ourselves what would we do if we suddenly had to leave right away? Are we well enough prepared to be able to leave the house within a few minutes without having to fear hunger, thirst, cold etc. for the next few days?
Since we felt that we were not sufficiently prepared despite the outdoor and survival experience, we developed it together from our experiences and in close cooperation with friends from special forces of the Bundeswehr, our emergency backpack for everyone.

We believe that very few people today are really prepared for the kind of events that are happening right now and those that are yet to come. That's why we've made it our task to put together an emergency backpack or escape backpack for everyone, which not only experienced outdoor and survival fans can handle, but everyone is prepared for an emergency.

Once our emergency backpack was finally designed and packed, we couldn't wait to test it. So we went out and tested the backpack for every possible event in several places around the world. After we were able to bridge 5 days in the forest without any problems, we found the idea/composition so brilliant that we wanted to offer this possibility to people in Germany as well.

...and this is how our heart project came about Notfallrucksack.net

Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Max and Dustin from Notrucksack.net

Update 11/17/22

Galileo, war, and much more.

Thank you for the numerous orders and your trust. You can't imagine how incredibly exciting this journey is for us. In the meantime, our team has grown to more than 10 people who try to optimize the shop experience, the products and the offers, pack and send orders and all the many little things that go with it every day.

After events such as the Ukraine conflict and our Galileo contribution, things have changed. Orders became larger and more numerous, inquiries larger and thus also the effort to follow them up. We now have a new much larger office and warehouse and have moved in between all the stress of shipping.

Known from Galileo:
Take a look at our article on crisis preparation with the emergency backpack.

Dustin on a tropical island, secured by the emergency backpack.